Show Champion Shelseivad Aniseed Twist – Copper

Show Champion Shelseivad Aniseed Twist – Copper | Born 19/06/2006

Stud Book # 1319CV

Copper is a Show champion and has won best of breed with all of his challenge certificates which were awarded whilst under the scrutiny of well acclaimed and respected judges in the UK (see below for judge’s comments).

Copper entered the show ring for the first time in 2009 at almost 4 years old. in his first ever show he qualified for Crufts 2010 and got third place in his class. (Limit Dog)

Throughout that year he went on to be awarded four challenge certificates and the Kennel Club title of Show Champion along with a life-long qualification for Crufts.

Copper is a working dog and has been used as a deer stalking dog from a young age proving invaluable in this field demonstrating the very best of attributes the breed has to offer.

With a marvelous temperament he is truly a special dog. All who meet him are endeared to this affectionate and loyal soul. As a proven stud dog he has sired puppies of very high quality and breed conformation standard with many of his progeny doing very well in the show ring and out in the working field.

Sadly Copper developed arthritis in his spine causing him much pain and made it difficult for him to walk. It was in November 2014 I needed to make the heartbreaking decision to end his suffering and have him put in to permanent sleep:( 

Championship Show Judges Comments

Scottish Kennel Club May 2010

Open Dog, 1st Place, CC and Best of Breed

Judge Mr Frank Kane

(No critiques available Hungarian Vizslas)

Leeds City & District Canine Association July 2010

Open Dog (7,2) 1st Place, CC and Best of Breed

Judge Mrs Patsy Hollings:

Masculine, mature in lovely condition. Clean and sound good angles and couplings. Shows to advantage at all times. Has activity reach and drive and good personality. Kept catching my eye standing and moving.

South Wales Kennel Association October 2010

Open Dog (3/1) 1st Place, CC and Best of Breed

Judge Mr G Hargreaves:

Correct size and shape with good substance. Pleasing outline with typical head eye and expression. Good reach of neck into correct front assembly. Good top-line and angle of croup with excellent bend of stifle with good tight feet giving sound free movement. Pleased to learn that I gave him his first show award and that the CC gave him his title. (BoB).

Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland November 2010

Open Dog (6) 1st Place, CC and Best of Breed

Judge Gareth Fishlock:

Very nice dog, I have admired from the ringside, everything I like from his nose to his tail, doesn’t carry any excess weight but makes up in muscle tone, nice head,plenty of brisket. Good front. Excellent top-line, looked absolutely cracking in profile, movement excellent, very well handled. Dog CC and BoB.

Blackpool & District Canine Society June 2013

Open Dog (4) 1st Place, RCC

Judge Mrs J Ward:

7 year old male, super in outline. Loved his head. He has an outgoing temperament, and is another well-muscled fit dog, with good bone and feet, just a little wide in the front, well bodied. Strong over loin and good width to second thigh, very good quarters, very good mover in rear and profile. (RCC)

Darlington Championship Dog Show September 2013

Open Dog (5/1) 1st Place

Judge Chris Atkinson:

So correct on the move, elbows tight coming towards with best rear drive action of the day which, together won him the class. Oval in eye, open in nostrils, plenty of heart and lung room, a very sound Vizsla