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Jayola Vihtavuoria for Vonhuber – Fern

Jayola Vihtavuoria for Vonhuber – Fern | Born 29/06/2010

Fern was born at the Von Huber Kennels daughter to our stud dog Sh Ch Shelseivad Aniseed Twist. Fern is a fine example of the Vizsla breed offering the best in both physical and aesthetic attributes, complimented by a lovely temperament she is truly a special dog.

Showing an early aptitude for field work Fern was a pleasure to train and has been used strictly as a working dog. Her nose is second to none and she is able to find and retrieve game from the faintest of scents and from the thickest of cover.

Where other dogs may fail Fern will relish the challenge. Fern is an accomplished tracking and deer stalking dog and she loves nothing more than to get her nose to the ground and follow a blood scent at impressive speed. Fern has developed into a first class deer dog.

Like most of the rest of the Vonhuber dogs, Fern is used throughout the shooting season for game counts and picking up duties in the winter time

Truly a gorgeous bitch who has produced some amazing puppies.