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Vonhuber’s Twenty Five O Six (Inga)

Vonhuber’s Twenty Five O Six (Inga) | Born 31/10/2013

At just 16 weeks of age it was obvious that Inga would turn out to be a real character.  Demonstrating an energetic desire to explore the world, she was always wanting to learn new things. Now she is a fully accomplished working bitch with a boundless energy that I have never seen before. She never stops!
From the moment she gets out of her kennel and starts her daily duties, (whether it be working on the moors, or just a leisurely walk), she is running and smiling the whole time. Inga has an amazing temperament and has produced 2 litters of fabulous puppies. Two of her daughters (Nala and Bela) have been retained at Vonhuber Kennels.