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Vonhuber Hungarian Vizsla Puppies For Sale

Here at Von Huber Vizslas we are incredibly passionate about our dogs and the breed.  When planning a litter we are always doing our utmost to maintain the health, temperament and physical appearance of our dogs that makes them so distinctive.  Whilst our dogs make excellent pets, we also aim to maintain the natural working qualities of the breed and this is always at the forefront of our minds.

All of our puppies are trained during their time with us and leave us between the ages of 15-20 weeks to go to their new homes.  They are all hand delivered by our breeder and trainer, Dave, regardless of whether their new home is situated in the UK or beyond and there are no exceptions to this policy.  It is also an essential part of ensuring that your puppy is settled into its new home.  Our puppies will be content to sleep through the night without incident.  At this point they are also toilet trained and have had any chewing issues addressed.  Outside the home they have been trained with on and off lead walking and to an excellent standard of recall.

Our puppies are socialised extensively with dogs and people alike.  They spend time among our own pack of 16 adult Vizslas in order to prepare them for interacting with other dogs.  They are also exposed to different environments and situations, such as cities and busy towns, to prepare them for their new homes.

The puppies will have been health checked by our vet, they will have been wormed and carry five weeks’ insurance.  It is advised that once you have collected your new puppy you register it with your own vet as soon as possible.  It is normal practice for your vet to give your puppy a thorough inspection and check his/her health on your first visit.

The puppies come with their own five generation pedigree and are fully inoculated and microchipped.  All puppies sold have Kennel Club endorsements on them – it is unlikely that these shall ever be lifted.  We are an Accredited Breeder registered with the UK Kennel Club and adhere to their breeding code of ethics, alongside that of the Hungarian Vizsla Society.  All of our dogs are hip scored and only dogs with acceptable scores are used for breeding.  All of our five generation pedigrees are available to view on request from the Kennel Club.

We encourage anyone interested in buying one of our puppies to come and visit us, meet us and our dogs and to interact with them to really understand what we do here.

It is essential to understand that we choose the best homes for our puppies.  Whilst we view applications in the order they come in, the selection process is based upon the suitability of a potential home, not on a first come, first served basis.  The happiness of our dogs comes above all else and we strive to match our puppies to a home that is suitable for them – not the other way around.

If anyone who purchases a puppy from us finds themselves in a position where they can no longer look after their pup, we insist that the puppy comes back here to us for re-homing.  We will be doing our utmost to make sure we find the best possible homes for our puppies, however we also understand that sometimes unforeseen events can happen, and circumstances can change.  Should this ever happen we are always at the end of the phone and would be happy to advise and help in any way we can.

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