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All About Vonhuber Hungarian Vizslas

The Vonhuber Hungarian Vizsla Kennel was founded in 2006 by Dave Huber. Having had 40 years experience in handling working dogs, Dave had experience mainly with Labradors and Spaniels, however it was not until his first Hungarian Vizsla, Copper, that he fully appreciated the versatility and sheer pleasure of owning and working with this breed.

Since 2006, we’ve striven to develop a kennel that offers dogs with pedigrees drawn from diverse bloodlines, which has now grown to twelve Vizslas and has a reputation for producing the highest quality pups as working dogs, show dogs, or loving family pets.

We now have three stud dogs, which are available for stud with suitable bitches, in addition to offering the sale of vizsla puppies, semen exportation, residential training, and in-house boarding.

The Vonhuber Kennel has had considerable success in the Show ring with our show dog team, and we have introduced and trained new owners and their pets to the show dog world.  In recent years, we have taken a break from the show ring, to spend more time focussing on training younger dogs as gun dogs, and caring for our 12 vizslas.

Our dogs are primarily trained to be tracking dogs for deer stalking, although several are trained as bird dogs, regularly working on shooting days at various locations across the UK during the hunting season.  We have also been involved in training search and rescue dogs in the specialised area of underwater searches.

As an accredited Kennel Club Breeder and member of the Hungarian Vizsla Society we adhere to the Breeders Code of Ethics taking great care to plan puppy litters and ensure that they only go to the most suitable homes.

We offer comprehensive advice to all new owners and keep in touch with them to help ensure a trouble free and pleasurable puppy experience.  Throughout the course of each year we regularly meet up with Vonhuber Vizsla owners to keep in touch and let the dogs run together as they should.

We offer a quality in house boarding service allowing owners to enjoy time away in the knowledge that their dogs are safe, well-exercised, well-fed and cared for whilst having fun time and exercised alongside our own dogs.

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