All About Vonhuber Hungarian Vizslas

Over the years the VonHuber Kennel has had considerable success in the show ring, making up a show champion dog in the very first year of competing and taking many first places in competitions throughout the UK.

In the past we have introduced and trained new owners and their pets to the show dog world and happily they have gone on to win some competitions themselves.

While we enjoyed the show world in the early days, it soon became apparent that life was much more fun and better for us all on our  farm in Cumbria, where we’re surrounded by beautiful countryside and nature.

A perfect environment for raising and training our young upstarts and getting them ready for their new lives away from here and with their new families and in new homes.

Our own dogs are primarily trained as tracking dogs, used out in the field of deer management, or as bird dogs on shooting days during the hunting season across the UK – although regrettably, we haven’t had the time available recently to do as much of this as we would like. We have also been involved in specialised underwater search and rescue.

As an accredited breeder with the UK Kennel Club and a licensed breeder with Eden Valley Council we adhere to the breeder code of ethics taking great care to plan our puppy litters and to make sure that all our puppies go to the very best homes.

We offer comprehensive advice to all our new owners and often keep in touch with them to help ensure a trouble free and pleasurable puppy experience. We encourage our owners to re-connect with us and they often bring their dogs back to our kennels for more advanced adolescent training, often done whilst they take a dog free holiday in the nearby Lake District.

We offer a quality in house boarding service allowing owners to enjoy time away in the knowledge that their dogs are safe, well exercised, well fed and cared for whilst having a great time running alongside the Magnificent Vonhuber Pack.