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Vonhuber Hungarian VizslaPuppy & Dog Training

It is important from the outset to have an idea of how you would like your new puppy to behave as he or she gets older, if you have a plan from the beginning it will make the training of your puppy much easier.

House and toilet training is something that should start on your puppies first day in its new home.  For this to run smoothly it is best to have lots of time on your hands to baby sit your puppy for his/her first few weeks.  Nothing a puppy may do is intended to upset or annoy you, but they are curious, they will go everywhere you don’t want them to go, they will chew everything you don’t want them to chew and they will have a wee in the most convenient place they can. “Even if it is your new carpet”

However none of these things need to happen, but the puppy needs to be taught what is right and what is not. Your puppy does not know the difference between your TV remote and the toy you just spent a fiver on from the pet shop, and it does not know the rug is not a toilet unless you teach it. Besides the rug seems like as good a place as any to your puppy and the remote probably felt better on her teeth and gums than some squidgy cotton toy.

In short your puppy would do anything to please you, they love you unconditionally, they look at you adoringly and they look to you for guidance. They always want to see you happy and calm, they will always be thinking of the next thing they can do to please you, they care very much about you and your feelings and they themselves have very deep feelings that should be cared for and considered at all times.

 They are after all just infants, sometimes they can make mistakes, it’s up to us as responsible dog owners to know the best way to guide them and how to make them understand what it is we want from them. This is much easier to achieve if we have an understanding of what our dogs want and need from us.

 They need to be taught and if this is done in the correct way and you are willing to put a little time in with your new puppy all the damaged chair legs and the chewed skirting board need never happen.  The reward from training your dog both for you and him/her will be GREAT and your lives together as a family will be much more relaxed and happy.

The Hungarian Vizsla Breed is a very intelligent breed. They need to have their minds occupied, they need, they want and they respect discipline in their lives.  They are not the kind of dog that would want to be on the end of a lead all the time, they are very energetic and they need to run free at any given opportunity. For this to be a safe practice they need to be trained.  It can be very dangerous for your dog if he/she does not listen to you, they can easily get in to a situation that may result in them getting hurt.

If you don’t have the control you need to keep them safe it can be very stressful for both you and your dog. When discipline is in place and your dog respects you and the authority you stand for, then both you and your dog can relax, he/she will know their boundaries, they will respect you enough to uphold your wishes and they will feel very content and safe whilst in your company.

A badly behaved dog is usually an unhappy dog, a dog that has no boundaries or rules makes for a confused and frustrated animal. Again: It is our job as responsible and loving dog owners to make sure that this does not happen and that the dog is trained.

Hungarian Vizslas are very special dogs indeed. To own one is a great privilege. They have a certain grace and majesty about them and they deserve the best possible care.

For anyone wanting help with the training of their Vizsla then please feel free to contact us any time. I will be offering one to one advice either personal visits or via video link.

Remember it is best to nip any problems in the bud early on, before they develop in to something more troublesome.  Prices for training will vary depending on the severity of any behavioral problems and the age of your pet.

Please note that not all dog trainers understand the complicity of a Hungarian Vizsla and although they may well be competent enough to train the average cross breed or Labrador type dog. They well not have the necessary skills to make much headway with a Hungarian Vizsla. In-fact they can often make matters much worse which could result in making it more difficult to train and help your dog


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