Vonhuber Hungarian Vizsla Puppy & Dog Training

Here at our kennels in Cumbria, we not only breed the best quality puppies, but before they leave here and head off to their new homes and families we make sure that all the training a young dog needs is done.

All of our puppies are hand delivered and introduced to their new homes by Dave.

This helps make sure that the puppies are confident in their new environment and are not phased or scared by the enormous change in their life’s.

Here at Vonhuber Vizslas It’s all about trying to do what’s best for the dogs and puppies.

We are often told by our clients how our puppies behaviour out shines and regularly show up their friends much older misbehaved dogs.

The training we do here starts right from the beginning, I believe even before our puppies are born.

The relationship we have with the parent dogs is key. Our puppies are peaceful active and we believe happy even when their still within the safety of the mothers womb.

We are mainly focussed on making sure that puppies are confident and well rounded, this helps to ensure that our clients get to enjoy the true pleasure of having a well behaved and truly gorgeous looking Hungarian Vizsla.

All our puppies learn many important things. They are taught not to chase livestock such as sheep, chickens, cattle, horses etc, they’re trained to know what they can chew and what they can’t, they are both toilet and house trained, and they will sleep through the night peacefully without incident.

They are trained not to venture upstairs unless invited and they won’t jump up on your furniture either

All the puppy problems that people usually get with a new addition have been dealt with here at our kennels, so all you need to do is enjoy your time with your new best friend. Walks are easy both on and off lead, the puppies recall is excellent and they never fail to impress.


Please remember that the puppies are trained and very often much better behaved than many adult dogs.

Now it’s just a matter of us teaching you how to make your puppy respond to YOUR commands and requests and to make the crucial connection that you will need to take over the role of leader from Dave with your very own Von Huber Puppy.

Taking over from Dave as the new leader is a great responsibility, but when done right? Much easier than what you might think.

It’s up to all of us as responsible dog owners to know the best way to guide your dog and make them understand what it is we want from them.

It’s like a completely different language to ours and more often than not nobody teaches you how to speak it.

This is something we are well aware of and Dave will do his very best to teach you this language before he leaves your alone with your new puppy.

Should you ever need help or your puppy starts to make mistakes, Dave is always there at the end of the phone to give you advice.

We encourage your to call sooner rather than later regardless of how trivial you may think any behavioural changes are.