Welcome to Vonhuber Hungarian Vizslas UK

Here at our state-of-the-art kennel facility in Cumbria, we breed and train first class Hungarian Vizslas for discerning customers in the UK, Europe, and if required Worldwide.

We encourage you to browse and enjoy the content of our website to understand the care and standards we apply when breeding and training our Vizslas. If you’re interested in acquiring one of our beautiful trained puppies, please visit and complete our puppy application form on our puppies page.

Our dogs are of the best quality for both the show ring and as a working companion. Providing they are given a fulfilled and active lifestyle, they are also extremely happy to be nothing more than a loyal, loving, and very beautiful family pet.

All of our dogs are well bred with superb Pedigrees containing many Australian, American and British Champions within their ancestry. They all have excellent temperaments, with wonderful, diverse looks and if called upon, they have within them an amazing ability as a working gun dog.

We provide quality in house boarding for dogs we have bred, if our clients need a break for any reason. We also offer further care for adolescent training and/or advanced training. We don’t usually board dogs that have not been bred here, but we may consider doing this in certain circumstances.

Your dog will receive the best care whilst here and he/she will get to mingle and learn from a pack of 19+ Vizslas ranging in ages from 12 years down to just a few months old.

Leading the pack and always keeping a close eye on any new recruits that arrive will be Dave with his many years of experience.

We hope that you enjoy browsing through some of our pictures and videos of our beautiful dogs and trust you will contact us if you’re looking for the best quality and some of the most highly cared for Hungarian Vizslas  in the UK.

Vonhuber Vizslas are members of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme
and a licensed breeder with Eden Valley Council.

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