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Vonhuber In-House Boarding

Anyone wanting to leave their dog in our care for training or just for quality in house boarding is welcome to do so. Please come along and visit my kennels here in Croston, Lancashire, and let me now your requirements. I have good accommodation for any visiting dogs and you can rest assured that your dog will be very well cared for whilst here with me and the Vonhuber pack.

I would be willing to take on a pair of dogs from the same home, or two single dogs from separate homes at any one time. This would ensure I would have enough time to take care of your dog/dogs the way they need to be taken care of.  You can rest assured that your dog/dogs will be well looked after, checked on regularly and walked at least twice a day for a minimum of an hour.

 Anyone with a love for their dogs will appreciate that they need to feel safe and comfortable in their lodgings. I have well insulated and heated outdoor accommodation. Cameras and sound monitors will enable me to observe and monitor your dog/dogs whilst in his/her kennel. Prices for boarding and training will vary dependent on your requirements.

You can use the form below if you have a question we can help you with.  Our full contact details can be found on our contact page.

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