Vonhuber In-House Boarding

We offer an exclusive boarding service to our Vonhuber clients, but unfortunately, were not in a position to offer boarding to dogs that haven’t been previously trained by us.

Anyone wanting to leave their dog in our care for training would need to contact us well in advance so as a proper assessment of the dog can be carried out. We encourage you to come along and meet our dogs and discuss your own training needs.

We have good accommodation for any new re-recruits and you can rest assured that your dog will be very well cared for whilst here with myself and the Vonhuber pack.

We never take on more than a couple of trainees at any one time, so you can rest assured that I would have enough time to take care of your dog/dogs the way they need to be taken care of. You can also rest assured that your dog/dogs will be checked on regularly and enjoy the benefits of a free running experience on our almost 60 acre farm.

Anyone with a love for their dogs will appreciate that they need to feel safe and comfortable in their lodgings. For those of you who would like your dog to be housed in our kennels and not inside the house with us,

We have well insulated, heated accommodation, this is not the traditional type cages you would expect to see at other boarding establishments.

Cameras and sound monitors within the kennels enable us to observe and monitor your dog/dogs whilst in his/her kennel. Prices for boarding and training will vary dependent on your requirements.