Written Testomonials

Hi Dave,

Willow is absolutely amazing and your ears must be burning constantly as we regularly meet up with other Vizsla owners who all moan about how hyper / destructive / craving attention there Vizsla’s are – some still crated at 12 months as can’t be trusted and we then talk about Willow.-  8.5 months and amazing around the house, really settled, been out of the crate since she came to you in July, she does come upstairs when invited (but still not allowed on the couch, thank you for that second chance), amazing recall. We always put it down to our breeder “Von Huber” and the contact we kept up in those early days when we as owners needed that guidance.

She has changed our family so much for the better and we can only thank you, we are definitely going to bring another into our family at the right time and we would ask that you keep us in mind for next summer when she will be 18 months – if you have a waiting list please put us on it.

“We are the proud owners (Mum & Dad) of Juno, who is two years old in June this year. We cant praise Von Huber Viszlas (Dave) enough for the help he provided before we collected her and since. He has always been available to provide us with information when needed. More importantly, we cant thank Dave enough for the pooch he has provided us with. Juno is an affectionate, well mannered (95% of the time!); beautiful dog who is well and truly part of our family. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Von Huber Viszlas to anyone.”





“Dave thanks for such a beautiful dog, we have all fallen in love with Oscar. Thanks for all the help and advice it has been invaluable. See you next month for more Ringcraft training – Crufts here we come!”

 Jacqui & Gary, Merseyside

“Hi Dave, I thought it was only fair that your best puppy ever should feature on your website! Attached some pics of our handsome little Chester and I can’t tell just how brilliant he is – the most lovely , kind natured, fun and great with children. He’s an absolute joy to train and will in future be used to accompany myself deer stalking. We Can’t thank you enough for your help and advice from when we first picked him up to the present day. This shows that you actually care about the dogs you have bread and their owners. I have learned a lot from your training days and will be attending more!!!”

Many thanks, Ste and Lucy, Yorkshire

“My Hungarian Vizsla puppy Florence is now thirteen weeks old and an absolute delight in every way. I first visited David Huber on the Saturday after Christmas, having discovered him via the Internet. Everything about that first meeting with him and his Vizlas convinced me that this breed was going to be right for me. I met all his dogs and of course, ‘Florence’, then only six weeks old and a bundle of fun. The dogs were all obviously healthy, sociable and happy, having a great relationship with their owner. I made an interim visit to see my pup before finally collecting her on 20th January. Since then I have kept in touch with David regularly, sending him photos of my amazingly beautiful and thriving dog. This contact and the interest shown by the breeder is reassuring. I have every confidence that I chose the right puppy from the right person”.

Chris & Family, Wirral 

Hi Dave, Just to say thank-you so much for providing us with the nicest dog we could ever have hoped for. Woody is Four years old in June and we can not believe how much joy he has brought to all our lives. Shaun and I had a new baby girl last year and we were a little worried that Woody may have been jealous towards her. Very much to his credit he has shown nothing but love and affection towards her and he is very much a great credit to you as a breeder. Thanks for all the support and advise you have given us and good luck with any future puppies that you may breed. I am hoping to talk Shaun in to getting Woody a little play pall, so hopefully you will be seeing us all again soon. 

Andrea & Shaun, Dumfries

Hi Dave, thank you for our wonderful puppy Lola, she is now 8 months old and has been a joy to have around. People told us we were mad to get a Vizsla for our first dog, but I cannot disagree more. She is fantastic with the children, has been very easy to train, she socialises with other dogs and has a loving kind nature. We definitely choose the right breeder in you, Dave, she is a credit to you and your dogs. Many thanks.

Ian & Tina, Stoke-on-Trent

Hi Dave, Marlow is now 8 months old and he is our pride and joy. He is such a sweet natured dog and has settled in so nicely. He is very loving towards the whole family, and best mate to our 8 year old son Thomas! We also love his playful manner and cheeky charm. We would also to thank you for taking such good care of Marlow while we were away recently. He had such a good time and misses his Von Huber family already! Your boarding service is second to none, and we feel happy in the knowledge that if we have to go away, Marlow will be in good hands. We absolutely love our Viszla, we wouldn’t know what to do without him.

 Becky, Greg & Thomas, Bolton

Hi Dave, here is a picture of our beautiful Penny, she is a fantastic dog and it is a pleasure to own such a fantastic breed. She is a loving and loyal dog and her gun dog training is well in place and we managed many days out this season, cheers for all your help Dave.

Rob & Family, Kirkham, Lancashire

Throughout the puppy buying and raising process Dave was and has been a fantastic help. We couldn’t be happier how our Vonhuber Vizsla (Birchy) has turned out. He has a fantastic temperament and patience of a saint with both my children. I would and have recommended Vonhuber pups too anyone thinking of buying a Vizsla.

Colin & Louise, Cumbria

After 8 months of deciding what breed of dog we should get, my family and Idecided a Vizsla was the one for us. A further 3 months of unsuccessful searching for the right breeder in the south I eventually came across Von Huber Vizslas. We knew the first time we meet Dave and his “dawgs” (especially our favourite Copper) that we had found the best stock of Vizsla’s and importantly the best breeder. This was confirmed after Dave took Brody back for 4 weeks extremely successful training that made him the dog he is today and worth every penny. Now apologises to all other Von Huber owners but my Brody from Rez and Copper (15-10-2012) is the coolest, most loving, intelligent and perfect Vizsla to have come out of the Von Huber academy 

Neal & Family, London

We purchased our puppy, Ruby, from Dave in December 2013. We found Dave very knowledgeable about the breed, he gave us good honest advice and support and continues to do so. We visited Dave at his home and spent time with him and all his dogs who are well looked after and loved. It was important to us that we purchasing our dog from a responsible breeder with integrity which Dave is.

Ruby is now 17 weeks old and we adore her. She’s a great character, with a good temperament and lots of fun and energy. We are delighted with the new member of our family and would have no hesitation in recommending Dave as a breeder.

Ben & Louise, Surrey

Just a brief note Dave to say what a great result for Oscar at Crufts 2014 being awarded 3rd in Junior Dog with automatic qualification for Crufts 2015.

Thanks for your help and support over the last six months and we look forward to seeing you and the rest of the ‘dawgs’ soon.

All the best.  Jacqui & Gary, Merseyside

We were overjoyed when we collected Chester just over a year ago from. Dave Huber. Chester is everything we hoped for and more. He is very good with everyone from our 5 month old baby girl to our 92 year old Nan and adored by all who meet him! From the moment we met Dave and all all of his wonderful Vizslas, we knew we didn’t need to look elsewhere for a puppy. He wanted to make sure we were right for a vizsla puppy and that they were right for us and now one year on we are still in regular contact to ensure we receive the best advice when needed. In our opinion we couldn’t have chosen a better breeder and we only have to look at our Chester to know we have made the right choice!

Damian, Paula & girls Alice & Grace, Blackburn

We found Von Huber Vizslas in February 2013 during a search for Assured Breeders in the North West. Boy are we glad we did!

From the very first phone call we were impressed with Dave. His care and love for his dogs was immediately evident. Our application to be considered for a Von Huber Vizsla took longer than some job applications we’ve both done in the past. Dave doesn’t let his Vizslas go to just any home.

So in April 2013, after several welcoming visits to see the puppies, we collected our gorgeous Oszkar. We haven’t looked back since.

Oszkar is an absolute dream and Dave has continued to be a constant support for us whenever we need any help or advice – always on the end of the phone and nothing is ever too much trouble.

Dave has spent time training both Oszkar and our family during the past year. His recall is outstanding, he walks well on and off lead and is impeccable around the house. More training is booked over the next couple of months and we’re also planning to follow in the footsteps of his brother with Ringcraft training and a visit to Crufts in 2015!

Liz, Andy, Ellie &  George, Billinge

We were so impressed with Dave, and so head-over-heels in love with Oszkar, that we decided we wanted another Von Huber Vizsla. Many thought we were mad, but Dave was wholly supportive and helped us decide on a bitch as Oszkar’s household companion.

Eva was born in June and came to us in July, much to the delight of the whole family. She settled well and Dave came to visit on a couple of occasions to undertake training.

When Eva was spooked on a walk by another dog and bolted, Dave had no hesitation jumping into the van with his dogs and driving down to Billinge to help in the frantic search which went on for some hours. We found her 24 hours later a couple of miles away but Dave kept in touch throughout, concerned about her welfare. Dave had both Eva and Oszkar as boarders for two weeks in August 2013, and will always be our first choice to look after them in the future.

Liz, Andy, Ellie & George, Billinge

From the moment I saw my Von Huber puppy ‘Cassie’ I knew she was the one for us.  She was the most adorable puppy.  One thing I did comment on when we came away with Cassie was how much Dave Huber loved his dogs and it was evident in the way they behaved that they certainly loved him. 
Cassie is 10 months old now and our lives revolve around her, she has brought so much love, fun and laugher to our home.  There is not one thing about her I would change.  Cassie is just a fantastic dog all round, she has a lovely nature and a few very quirky mannerisms.  We are fortunate to live in a very rural area where we can walk miles through woodland, fields and on beaches.  Cassie is a very fit dog and enjoys her long walks and exploring new places but at the same time she can be just as happy to snuggle up close to you on the sofa, she just wants to have you in sight at all times. 

Thank you Dave Huber for our very special ‘Cassie’.

Anne and Family, The Lakes

In my search for the right dog I eventually found that a Vizsla would ticked all of my boxes: manageable size, short hair (low maintenance), good with kids and other animals, intelligent, easy to train, a desire to be with you, an ability to run for long distances and stop-go ie either running or chilling out.

After meeting with the ‘dawgs’ I was smitten with the breed and Dave was such a wealth of knowledge and clearly loved his dogs that a Von Huber pup was my first choice.

Just before Xmas 2012, Harris was ready for us to collect (he’s a Copper/Rez pup and brother of Birchy and Ritka) and we’re so glad we’ve got him. He’s calm, sociable and friendly to other dogs, people and animals (not at all ‘bonkers’ as other people suggested Vizslas are) and he’s turning out to be a fantastic companion, running partner and mountain bike trail dog (and he’s the best dog in the world). We take him to training once a week and then gun dog training once a month which helps to keep his mind focussed and teaches me lots too.  

Dave is always willing to offer advice and support if we have any questions.   Can’t recommend Von Huber Vizslas enough! Thanks Dave for a fantastic dawg! 

Julie & Jay. Peak District