Vonhuber’s Hope and Glory – Ellie

Vonhuber’s Hope and Glory – Ellie | Born 22/02/2013

Ellie was bred at the Von Huber Kennels and is sister to Vonhuber’s Global Trek (Oscar). She is developing into a sound, well put together bitch showing many of her parent’s attributes both in build and temperament.

Ellie has shown an early aptitude to gun dog training and throughout 2014 she was trained as a working dog ready for the 2014-15 season. She truly had a very impressive season and in 2015/16 season worked like a veteran bitch, giving the other dogs a good run for their money.

She is now very independent and likes to work alone often being up to half a mile away from the other dogs looking for game that would usually be lost. In that respect she is very much like her grandfather Copper. I could not be more pleased.