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Hungaricum Dukat Goncol for Vonhuber – Goncol

Hungaricum Dukat Goncol for Vonhuber – Goncol | Born 27/05/2012

Following extensive research of reputable Hungarian kennels and with careful consideration given to maintaining the diversity of the blood lines in our breeding programme Goncol was imported to Von Huber kennels in October 2012.

Goncol, was aged four months on his arrival, he comes from strict working blood lines and responded well to training in the field.

It came as no surprise that Goncol enjoyed a successful first shooting season during 2013/14 picking-up at various shooting venues.

With a well-balanced temperament Goncol has developed a lovely personality displaying patience and an eagerness to please which perfectly complements his need to perform in the field.

Goncol is used throughout the year for both the spring and summer grouse counts as well as picking up on some of the most prestigious shooting estates in the UK.