Showtime Lucy for Vonhuber – Hazel

Showtime Lucy for Vonhuber – Hazel| Born 16/01/2008

Hazel is a lovely bitch who we saved from a neglectful home, she was four at the time. She has a good pedigree that boasts a combination of many Show Champions and Full Champions.

She was here for many years until she was almost nine, but her and Ellie hated each other and would fight. One or both had to go. Hazel went first she was always very sociable and loving with all other dogs and whilst she was here a great addition to the Von Huber Kennel. With a keen nose Hazel loved to hunt and performed well in the field.

She was always such a lovely character and for her last years was spoilt rotten and had a great life in Derbyshire with Emma and Rory.