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Vonhuber Hungarian Vizsla Stud Dog

Here at the Vonhuber kennels we always prioritize the physical and emotional welfare of our dogs. And to that end timing the mating correctly is of critical importance.

If you have owned a Hungarian Vizsla up until the point that you are considering breeding from her. (2 Years Plus) Then you will know by now that she is a very majestic sensitive and loyal animal who deserves to be treated in a way that makes her feel safe and secure.

Having been involved with the Vizsla breed now for a considerable time and have had as many as 12 females and five males together at any one time, I have come to understand that some breeders and the traditional ways they use of assessing whether or not a bitch is ready for mating are unreliable at best.

Some breeders will insist on presenting your bitch to their stud dog based on the fact that it has been a certain period of time since she came in to season, or that she may be standing and presenting herself in a way that would suggest that she is ready to be mounted and that the mating can proceed.

This is a very unreliable way of knowing if the optimum time is correct. (Most Stud Dogs will take the opportunity of a mating when it is presented whether she is ready or not) This could lead to a very unpleasant experience for your bitch, were she is less likely to be impregnated and it could also jeopardize any future mating.

If done correctly and at the right time, there is no reason it should not be a totally stress free and reasonably pleasant experience for both dogs.

 Anyone interested in using one of our stud dogs is encouraged to come along and visit our kennels so as we can devise a plan to ensure a successful and stress free mating takes place.

If at all possible it would be advised that you come along to our kennels with your bitch before she comes in to season and prior to any mating taking place. This would make it much easier on your bitch if she is already acquainted with the environment here at the kennels. A walk out with the Vonhuber pack is usually the way we do it here.

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