Purdy’s Perfect Pair for Vonhuber – Rez

Purdy’s Perfect Pair for Vonhuber (Rez) | Born 09/06/2010

Rez was a welcome addition to the Von Huber Kennels in the summer of 2010. Her acquisition was primarily to introduce her working blood lines into our breeding programme. Rez’s lineage is mostly from working blood lines with both parents being very accomplished working dogs used on the open moors for falconry.

Rez has developed in to a superb hunting dog, she is incredibly focussed and methodical with a keen nose and eagerness to use it.

Rez is the perfect hunting companion. Maintaining eye contact whilst awaiting instruction. She has great speed out in the field and likes to get things done quickly.

Rez will remain on point for as long as it takes, giving any hunters more than enough time for to take up position, before she receives the command to flush.

Proving a great asset to the Von Huber Kennels Rez has produced top quality pups, a fine example of this is Ritka our pack leader (Vonhuber’s Tofino’s Beauty) He took over from his Dad Copper after his passing in 2014. He was to demonstrate his suitability for field work during his first season in 2013-14.

At 12 years old she is still keen to work and although we don’t get out much anymore through the shooting season, when we do she is just as active as she was as a youngster.