Vonhuber’s Tofino’s Beauty – Ritka

Vonhuber’s Tofino’s Beauty – Ritka

True to his lineage Ritka is a powerful, well-built and fine looking example of the Vizsla breed.

Ritka enjoys working in the field and was a pleasure to train. He had a successful first shooting season back in 2013/14 at various shoots around the country and is always a reliable, steady and useful addition to the working part of the pack. 

With a soft, loving personality true to the characteristics of the Hungarian Vizsla breed, he has a fabulous temperament and is a joy to spend time with.

Ritka is used regularly, both on the spring and summer grouse counts and from August onwards he can be found on picking up duties on some of the most prestigious estates in the UK.

Like his father, he is a fine example of what a Hungarian Vizsla should be. With the most loving and loyal nature one could hope for.