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Vonhuber Hungarian Vizsla Semen Exportation

We currently offer a world wide exportation of semen sevice with semen samples from our stud dogs being exported frozen or fresh to arrive within 24 hours depending on location.

As each country has different requirements for Fresh/Chilled and/or Frozen Semen to be allowed entry into a particular country we require the enquiring breeder to check with their National Animal Health Department to confirm an Import Permit is required for them to receive the semen from the UK, if so the breeder needs to apply for the Permit and once acquired email to We will then ensure that all Import Permit specifications are fulfilled.

Certain blood tests are required for some Countries and this can change at any time due to outbreaks of different diseases world-wide. Both the need for and cost of specific disease blood tests are variable and will be confirmed on receipt of breeder request.

For Fresh/Chilled Semen we use a 10 day semen extender which is added to the semen to keep it alive for up to 10 days. We do recommend that the semen is used by day 7 as we have had no reliable feedback from Veterinary Surgeons regarding the use thereafter.

For accurate costing and timing of semen exportation the breeder needs to supply the Zip Code for the delivery address so as to establish the transit times and cost of the shipping. The cost of shipping can vary each month and flight times change etc, therefore we only quote on request once we have the zip code and approximate delivery date in case the above costs and/or times change at any point.

For the exportation of Frozen Semen we use two types of tank: Cryodrum Tank which is a disposable 3 day tank, which does not need to be returned to us.  This is ideal for areas which are next working day or 2 working day delivery service. The second option is to use a Dry Shipper Tank which we hire for £75.00 per consignment, this needs to be returned to us, hence the shipping charges are higher when using this tank. This tank will keep the semen frozen for 14 days and can be refilled with liquid nitrogen if required. This tank is ideal for longer delivery times e.g. for shipping semen to Australia & New Zealand.

Importing breeders need to be aware that as semen is classed as a perishable item no Insurance or Courier Company will insure the semen. Should anything happen to the semen whilst in transit, the only cost which is recovered is the cost of the shipping.

All our semen exports will of course have our Veterinary Surgeon provide certified Export Documentation and Health Certificates at the time of dispatch and extended Health Certificates for South Africa, Australia, New Zealand.

For further details and costs, please contact us. 

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